Hi, I'm Raphael Talatala

a Developer

a Software Engineer

a Dancer

based in NJ, USA.

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Hi, I'm Raphael Talatala

I'm a software engineer from Jersey City, New Jersey with an eagerness to learn and pursue any, new hobbies. I have always wanted to tie my creative side with my technical abilities, and coding has been the perfect medium. Having previously worked in the marketing industry, I wanted to make a switch and pursue a career in tech because I felt that I would be able to leave a bigger impact with the work I would do.

I have recently graduated from App Academy, an intensive coding bootcamp where I was able to learn a multitude of skills that would allow me to be a successful software engineer. While making Fullstack projects have been a challenging, and rewarding experience, I particularly enjoy working on the frontend and building features that the user will be interacting with frequently, because it is always a gratifying feeling to be able to contribute to the overall user experience.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy attending live events with friends, playing FPS video games, snowboarding, and hitting the gym.


Raphael Talatala

Date of birth:

March 26, 1997


New Jersey, USA.


Some of my most recent projects

A web application that allows users to receive a Spotify playlist based off their mood, determined by a short quiz.
A full-stack single-page application clone of Eventbrite built with React/Redux and Ruby/Rails
A fun, fast-paced typing game written in pure JavaScript that tests players’ typing speed and accuracy